Music & Humanity 2015

Stockholm 29 September, 2015


eic_170x170 logo_cond2_234x160We wish to sincerely thank all participants and sponsors for the openness, warmth, generosity and kindness and for the commitment and participation in this year’s Music & Humanity (M&M).


Many thanks to André de Quadros, initiator and artistic director of M&M and CONDUCTING 21C, for your tremendous commitment and for your overall willingness to work for change.


We would also like to thank our inspiring course leaders, Lone Larsen, Agneta Josephson and our committed students:
Lisa Wong – USA, Nedy Muna – Jordan, Fabien Aubé – France, Sofia Ågren – Sweden, Khoulud Sabbara – Palestine, Jeroen Keymeulen – Belgium, Tina Thielen Gaffey – USA, Jaco Dippenaar – South Africa, Rodrigo Borja – Chile, Unni Eriksdotter – Sweden. Hani Kreitem – Palestine, Faris Abbasi – Jordan, Natalia Edvall – Sweden, Sara Terell – USA.


Many thanks to all the choirs Voces Nordicae, AkvaVera, Manado State University Choir (MSUC), Riilkeensemblen, Lilla Akademien and Mark Tatlow, 9 ef Adolf Fredrik’s musikklasser and Sofia Ågren.


And to Stadsmissionen and Ola Johansson for enabling the concert in Bullkyrkan.


Many thanks to Ny Gemenskap, Jonas Stadling and Daniel Back, Rebeckahemmet and Johan Friborg, for receiving us with open arms, which allowed for warm encounters.

Many thanks to all participants at the symposium for your generous contributions of interesting, touching and charitable reflections and discussions:

  • Donald Boström, Love4Life (World AIDS Gala) for the explanations and providing understanding of a disease that you can live with but not cure
  • Lisen Stibeck, ”Daughters” for the description and the stories and pictures of young women in the midst of identity development
  • Karin Volo for openly and generously telling your own story of hope
  • Karin Schulz for the clear explanation of what we face in terms of the planet’s ecological and social sustainability
  • Carin Åkesson for “Sånger som förändrar”
  • Sven Jansson, Diakonia for concrete examples, which show how music can positively influence people in vulnerable living conditions
  • Ola Johansson, Stadsmissionen and Ingrid Hammarlund KMH for your projects inspiring to create opportunities for people through music
  • Jacob Mühlrad, for participation in the commercial video and your fascinating story of how, despite adversity, you today write music for world scenes
  • Peter Hallström for your touching song, ”Håll mitt hjärta”, and for being the moderator that led us through discussions during the symposium with straightforward and gentle hand.


Many thanks to all the volunteers, led by Sophia Piehl, all of which, with a welcoming smile and with great enthusiasm throughout the week, did an amazing job at all of our events.

We particularly would like to thank our partners and sponsors for their generosity and commitment

  • Duni, Mateus and Westmans providing the tools for the beautiful table settings
  • Asplund for the beautiful setting and environment for the symposium
  • Swedish Lantchips for tasty snacks
  • Noapotions for a new, tasty and healthy drink
  • Carlsberg for Ramlösa to our Soul Kitchen
  • Louise Ungerth, Konsumentföreningen Stockholm and Coop for food and who, together with Wester’s Event & Catering created the great soup to our Soul Kitchen, and Fazer Bröd for healthy bread to the soup
  • Digaloo Digitaltryck for ideas and print of beautiful programs, posters and flyers
  • Cecilia Neumann for designing the menu for the lunch
  • Jonathan Foster and Sebastian Ekman for their warmth and flexibility, nice commercial video, great photos and documentation of the entire festival.


Finally, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Carpe Vitam, Statens Musikverk, Stockholms läns landsting, Stockholms stad, Jacob Wallenbergs Stiftelse särskilda fonden, without whose support the festival could not have taken place.


EIC – Anna Larsdotter Persson, Bo Nilsson, Marie Thunberg, Jesper Naenfeldt, Elin Dahlqvist Frid